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Learn how the Sustainable Rice Platform is transforming the global rice sector for a healthy, inclusive and sustainable future.

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Important Announcement: The SRP Assurance Scheme V 2.0 is effective since 1 January 2024, introducing important changes to our verification process. These changes boost the Scheme's efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Learn more and access documentation here.

SRP Assurance Scheme 2.0

About Us

The Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) is a global multi‐stakeholder alliance comprising over 100 institutional members from the public, private, research, civil society and the financial sector. SRP is registered as a not-for-profit member association working to transform the global rice sector by:

Improving smallholder livelihoods

Reducing the social, environmental and climate footprint of rice production

Offering the global rice market an assured supply of sustainably produced rice to meet the growing global demand for rice.

SRP promotes resource-use efficiency and climate change resilience in rice systems (both on-farm and throughout value chains) and pursues voluntary market transformation initiatives by developing sustainable production standards, indicators, incentive mechanisms, and outreach mechanisms to boost wide-scale adoption of sustainable best practices throughout rice value chains.

Our vision and mission

Our vision is to “Feed the world. Sustainably”, transforming the global rice sector through an alliance that links research, production, policy making, trade and consumption. The vision articulates a new norm in rice, where the sector delivers healthy, high-quality, nutritious rice to consumers, helps farmers achieve better lives, and protects the environment.


Our mission is to catalyze global rice sector transformation by developing tools and mobilizing rice stakeholders to promote on-farm adoption of sustainable best practice, link farmers to markets and offer an objective normative basis for policymaking.

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