About Rice

Why Sustainable Rice?

Rice feeds the world


Over 3.5 billion people eat rice as a staple part of their diet.*


Almost 60% of people experiencing hunger rely on rice for food and income.*


20% of the world’s dietary energy comes from rice.*

But the global rice sector faces growing threats.

We understand the scale of the challenge: rice is highly vulnerable to climate change. Each year, rice yields are affected by extreme weather events, water scarcity, and more. With climate change at a tipping point, these issues are exacerbated.

Meanwhile, conventional rice farming methods are a major contributor to climate change. Rice is a leading driver of habitat and biodiversity loss in wetland forests. It also uses one-third of the world’s freshwater.

Today’s unsustainable farming practices put global food security at risk. This would adversely impact the world’s most vulnerable populations, including rice farmers.

With the global population expected to exceed 9 billion by 2050*, even more people will rely on rice for nutrition. If we don’t bring change to the sector today, we may not be able to produce enough rice to feed the future.

As one of the most important food staples, we must transform the rice sector in order to Feed the world. Sustainably

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Together with our members, we’ve set out to transform the global rice sector in order to protect the future of rice and feed the world, sustainably.

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