Our Capabilities

Scaling the adoption of sustainability best practices

Directly and in collaboration with our members, partners and multi-stakeholder alliance, SRP offers the tools and support to promote a more sustainable global rice sector

Our interventions

SRP offers measures to assist members and external stakeholders in facilitating the adoption of climate-smart, sustainable best practices for producing and procuring rice in domestic and export markets.


SRP Authorized Training Program

We offer guidance, training, and technical assistance to extension services, implementation partners, and farmer groups. This supports wider-scale adoption of environmentally and socially sustainable rice farming practices under the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators.

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Value chain development

We link rice smallholders with markets aiming to purchase sustainable rice verified under the SRP Assurance Scheme, which also provides a system for verified public procurement.

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Policy advocacy

SRP tools offer pathways for governments to define, measure, and incentivize the adoption of climate-smart sustainable best practices among rice smallholders. This includes landscape-level approaches that align farm-level and landscape benefits with macro-level policy goals, from livelihoods, food security, and water stewardship to climate change.


National-level activities

We motivate local-level commitment to practice sustainable rice production and uphold its principles in national policy through the support of national-level rice stakeholders including research, public and private sectors, civil society, and the development community.

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Project implementation

We serve as an anchor for public-private partnerships, fostering linkages with bilateral donors and multilateral instruments at small and large scales. We participate as implementation partners in projects funded by international development aid agencies. Our network of 25 Registered SRP Projects implemented by SRP members in 19 countries offers national-level anchors for new scaling projects, linked to markets.

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Knowledge hub

We are developing a center for resources on sustainability in the rice sector, and a digital data platform to monitor the adoption and impact of SRP Performance Indicators.



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