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SRP aims to transform the global rice sector so that farmers can achieve better lives, consumers have access to quality, sustainably produced rice, and the industry aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We take a holistic approach to bring about these changes:

Drive scale

The Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) network comprises over 100 public, private, research, and civil society organizations. We tap into our global network and foster multi-stakeholder partnerships to drive wide-scale adoption of climate-smart rice production practices. Our strategic institutional partnerships and alliances include the Sustainable Rice Landscapes Initiative and national-level SRP Chapters.

Build capacity

The SRP Standard for Sustainable Rice Cultivation is a blueprint for climate-smart rice farming techniques. We empower farmers to adopt these practices and provide tools to monitor their sustainability impacts at multiple levels through the SRP Performance Indicators.

Facilitate market linkages

From farm to shelves, SRP fosters end-to-end market linkages to secure sustainability throughout the rice sector.

Through the SRP Assurance Scheme, participating farmer groups can connect with buyers seeking sustainably produced rice with value chain transparency. Retailers can source and stock sustainable rice to create market differentiation, strengthen their CSR goals, and make credible public claims. Consumers can directly help small farmers and the environment by choosing SRP-Verified rice.

Deliver real-world impacts

Aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the SRP Performance Indicators enable partners and researchers to measure and assess the economic, environmental, and social impacts of sustainable best practices in rice production. We drive progress backed by data and evidence.

Boost awareness

SRP advocates for a sustainable global rice sector. We educate, inform, and raise producer and consumer awareness on how sustainably produced rice improves the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and the health of our planet.

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We offer the global rice supply chain a set of tools to support large-scale adoption of sustainable, climate-smart best practices.

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We offer a range of support measures that enable us, our members, and strategic partners, to facilitate on-farm adoption of climate-smart sustainable best practices.

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Our impacts

We measure the benefits of shifting to sustainable practices to understand what we’ve achieved in collaboration with our stakeholders and members – and to show what we can all achieve if we continue to scale.

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