Why Choose SRP-Verified Rice?

Each grain makes a difference

The SRP-Verified Label or Claim – a benchmark for sustainable rice cultivation.

SRP-Verified products have met benchmarks under the SRP Standard for Sustainable Rice Cultivation, the world’s first voluntary sustainability standard for rice.

When you purchase SRP-Verified products, you are making a real difference:

  • Promote climate-smart agriculture
  • Protect biodiversity
  • Fight climate change
  • Support smallholder farmers and women farmers
  • Access high-quality rice

SRP-Verified rice is sustainably sourced to protect people and our planet.

Rethinking rice

Rice feeds the world. Over 3.5 billion people eat it as part of their regular diet. Yet the way we’ve been producing rice is not sustainable.

Rice uses ⅓ of the world’s freshwater.

Rice production is responsible for 10% of man-made methane emissions worldwide.

144 million smallholder farmers bear a majority of the rice production risks.

What is the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP)?

SRP is an international multi-stakeholder alliance that is transforming the global rice industry to be more equitable, stable, and sustainable. We work in several ways to take action for sustainable rice and have created a system of tools to help drive our cause. Our tools contain a blueprint for sustainable farming techniques, plus a system that links markets with farmers using sustainable methods. This gives you access to verified, sustainably produced rice.

Support the shift to sustainability

About the SRP-Verified Label

When you choose SRP-Verified products, you’re supporting sustainable farming practices, reducing rice’s carbon footprint, investing in a fairer market for farmers, and selecting high-quality rice.

Look for the SRP-Verified Label

Rice products that carry the SRP-Verified Label or make SRP-Verified Claims:

  • Meet sustainability benchmarks under the SRP Standard for Sustainable Rice Cultivation, the world’s first voluntary sustainability standards for rice
  • Are audited and verified under the SRP Assurance Scheme, demonstrating compliance with the SRP Standard
  • Are traceable under the SRP Chain of Custody Policy and Standard

Get involved

On top of choosing SRP-Verified rice, you can get involved and become a champion for the sustainable rice movement.

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