Preferred By Nature Now Offers All SRP Authorized Training Courses

We are delighted to announce that Preferred By Nature (PBN), one of our esteemed SRP Authorized Training Providers, has received endorsement from SRP to deliver all four SRP Authorized Training Courses.

Since earning recognition as an SRP Authorized Training Provider in March 2022, PBN has been instrumental in delivering SRP Authorized Training Courses on Understanding the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators (SPI) and Understanding the SRP Assurance Scheme (AS).

In response to PBN’s request to expand their scope and cover all four training courses, SRP conducted a thorough due diligence process and is pleased to extend its endorsement to PBN for all four SRP courses:

  • Understanding the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators (SPI)
  • Understanding the SRP Assurance Scheme (AS)
  • Understanding the SRP Internal Management System Standard and Guidelines (IMS)
  • Understanding the SRP Chain of Custody Policy and Standard (CoC)

This expansion of scope represents a significant milestone in advancing SRP’s mission. It enhances accessibility to SRP knowledge resources for all stakeholders and contributes to the development of a global pool of SRP experts capable of conducting farmer outreach, training and verification activities . We commend PBN for their dedication and vital role in supporting SRP’s mission and vision.

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