SRP Membership Survey 2023: Results and Insights

We are pleased to share the results of the SRP Membership Survey 2023, conducted to gather valuable feedback from our members. This survey is a crucial tool that helps us understand the needs and expectations of our members, enabling us to refine our focus and improve our services.

Survey Overview

The SRP Membership Survey 2023 was distributed to 195 contacts within 107 active SRP member organizations in December 2023. The survey closed on 15 February 2024. We received responses from 23% of our membership, totaling 25 members.

Key Findings

The survey results provided valuable insights into several areas:

Membership Benefits: Member prioritize knowledge exchange, technical support, networking and projects

Members showed strong interest in knowledge exchange, tools and technical support, and networking. participation rights in public-private implementation projects and Registered SRP Projects were also highly valued.

SRP membership benefits members expressed very high interest in

SRP Services: SRP members most satisfied with SRP Standard

The SRP Standard and Performance Indicators for Sustainable Rice Cultivation, along with SRP Monitoring, Evaluation, and Impacts, emerged as the most important services to our members.

SRP Services members identified as most important

While satisfaction levels were highest for the SRP Standard and the overall value of SRP membership, there is room for improvement in the SRP Monitoring, Evaluation, and Impacts service.

Members satisfaction with SRP Services

SRP Tools: SRP Standard and Performance Indicators are the most utilized tools

68% of members are using at least one of the SRP tools. The tools being primarily used are the SRP Standard and Performance Indicators.

SRP Tools being used

The main challenges faced by members in using or implementing SRP tools were farmer adoption, data management, and market access. To address these challenges, members emphasized the need for additional training and capacity-building initiatives.

Engagement: Majority of SRP members are feeling very or moderately Engaged

While members generally felt engaged with SRP activities, suggestions for enhancing engagement included increased national-level involvement, bolstered knowledge exchange, more events, and improved communication strategies.

Engagement with SPR activities


The insights gained from the SRP Membership Survey 2023 highlight the importance of continuous efforts to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our members. We are committed to using this feedback to improve our services, ensuring the ongoing enhancement of our members’ experience and engagement with SRP initiatives.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all members who participated in the survey. Your input is invaluable in helping us shape the future of SRP and better serve our community.

Highlights of the survey can be accessed here. SRP members can access the full survey result report through the member area on the SRP website. 

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