Introducing the SRP Assurance Platform: Enhancing Value and Transparency

The Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) is delighted to announce the launch of the SRP Assurance Platform, a tool designed to enhance management of the SRP Assurance Scheme.


Since its inception in 2020, the SRP Assurance Scheme has played a vital role in ensuring the integrity and sustainability of rice production. Until end of 2023, assurance data was managed by an external Assurance Service Provider (ASP). However, in a strategic move, SRP decided to internalize the management of the assurance data. This decision led to the development of the SRP Assurance Platform. Initiated in 2023, this transformative platform aimed to centralize all SRP verification audit data and streamline the process of statement issuance. Furthermore, it will also include a traceability component to facilitate transactions involving SRP-Verified rice and support requests for Transaction Certificates and assessments of SRP-Verified Label and Claim applications.

Key Components of the SRP Assurance Platform

The SRP Assurance Platform, a web-based solution, consists of two key components:

  • Audit Management Platform: This segment serves as an audit management tool, supporting Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) to oversee SRP audits by recording all verification audit activities. At the same time, it supports SRP’s oversight program by monitoring audits and evaluating CABs performances, ensuring the reliability of SRP Assurance data. Launched in January 2024, this component has already showcased its effectiveness, with CABs benefitting from its functionalities.
  • Traceability Platform: Currently under development, this component will facilitate transactions between SRP-Verified producers and operators. It will enable SRP Assurance Scheme participants to request Transaction Certificates and applications for SRP-Verified Label and Claim Assessments. Stay tuned for its upcoming launch!

Driving Efficiency and Transparency

The SRP Assurance Platform marks a new era of efficiency and transparency in sustainable rice production. By streamlining audit and traceability processes, it provides stakeholders with real-time access to data, building trust and collaboration across the industry.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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