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SRP, together with our members and partners, is dedicated to transforming the global rice sector throughout the entire value chain for a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable future. In this interview series we ask SRP members and partners why they joined SRP, the main trends and developments they see in the industry, as well as their vision for the sector.

In this interview, William McCook, Chief Executive at Orillion, discusses the company’s commitment to global pest control, emphasizing sustainability and introducing an environmentally safe rodenticide to address yield loss caused by rats. The conversation explores Orillion’s collaboration with the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP) and their vision for landscape-scale rat control to enhance rice yields by 2025.

Company Name: Orillion

Contact: William McCook, Chief Executive

Country: New Zealand
Countries of operation: Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa

SRP member since: 2019

Primary Activity: Supplier of pest control solutions

1. Tell us about your company, your mission, and why sustainability is important for you?

Orillion is a New Zealand based, government owned company that specializes in developing solutions to control pests. Orillion has over 60 years’ experience in developing innovative products to control many types of vertebrate pests. These products are used to protect the environment, crops and livelihoods throughout New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific, Asia as well as for over 200 island rodent eradication projects.

Many animals introduced to New Zealand predate on native species and destroy environmental biodiversity. Orillion’s mission has been to develop the tools to manage the environment sustainably and, in some areas, achieve eradication. Orillion also exports these proven and effective products, the result of decades of research and development.

Rodent control is a major focus, and conventional rodenticides are produced for sale domestically and internationally. Orillion now has the global rights to an environmentally safe and sustainable rodenticide which is specific to Rattus species. This product is completely safe for all other animals and birds, through either primary or secondary intake. For rats, the product is humane and very fast acting. It is delivered as a cereal based bait which is palatable to rice rats.

Orillion’s ambition is to make this exciting and transformational technology available to those who will benefit most. Controlling rats and enabling sustainable rice production, with no crop or soil contamination, and improved crop yields provides a significant benefit for farmers. Reversing the typical 5% – 20% yield loss caused by rats, will provide farmers a meaningful economic and social benefit. The safe nature of the selective rat bait for rice crop production will deliver opportunities for both existing and new rice markets. Orillion manufactures products under exacting standards and controls using Good Manufacturing Practice, Health and Safety systems, and alignment of the company’s activities with the UN Development goals. See

2. Tell us about your experience as an SRP member. When and why did you decide to join SRP?

Orillion is just beginning a journey with SRP, with an objective of linking up with organizations that share our vision for application of our new selective rodenticide. Rats are a major cause of lost rice yield and traditional rodenticides have many drawbacks. Members of SRP join with an aim of improving sustainable rice production and improving the prosperity of farmers.

3. What opportunities do you see for your company and your value chain stakeholders by being part of the SRP membership?

Orillion would like to understand more about the challenges of rice cultivation and to demonstrate our rat control technology to other SRP members. Product registration and developing manufacturing at commercial scale will take up to three years. During this period Orillion plans to engage with the industry and demonstrate product efficacy on farm.

4. Tell us about your initiatives/projects related to SRP and your involvement with SRP.

Our rat control technology has been trialed for proof of concept in rice crops in Vietnam. In 1- and 2-hectare field trials 95% and 89% efficacy (rat kill) was achieved. We would like to work with SRP members to expand trials in other areas with a view to registering the product in multiple Asian countries.

5. Have there been challenges implementing SRP in your company? If so, what challenges have you faced?

Our journey to develop a rat selective product has involved laboratory and field trials in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. We have been fortunate to receive unwavering support from companies and government departments to reach the point of having an effective field-tested product.

6. Tell us about the future. What are your company’s vision and ambition for the sustainable development of the rice sector, and how could SRP help you achieve this ambition?

Orillion can manufacture and sell products directly or through distributors. We believe that entering into partnerships with producers that are passionate about improving rice production sustainability, yield, and profitability will bring industry wide benefits. Rat control at scale, across adjoining blocks using this new rat selective technology, will achieve safe and broadly effective control. This will require communication, education, and coordination, and to achieve this we will need to share our vision and passion with the support of other SRP members.

7. From your point of view, why should more companies and industry actors join SRP? Do you have any advice or recommendations for them?

Collaboration, sharing ideas, communication and education are always best done in partnership with others in the sector. We believe that SRP can make the difference and we are keen for their facilitation and assistance.

8. What is your vision for 2025?

We would like to see landscape scale rat control delivering significant improvements in rice yield to better support rural communities in a safe and sustainable way.

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