Introducing the New SRP Data Collection Tool for Farm Checklist

SRP is excited to announce the release of the new SRP Data Collection Tool for Farm Checklist and Performance Indicators (PIs), a powerful resource designed for third-party assessments and Integrated Management System (IMS) team seeking insights into the performance of their producer group members.

Key Features

  1. Standard Requirements: A comprehensive list of requirements that must be fulfilled.
  2. Performance Indicators Questionnaires: Mandatory for third-party auditors, covering crucial aspects such as:
    • Soil & Water Salinity Risk
    • Biodiversity
    • Food Safety
    • Health & Safety
    • Child Labor
    • Women Empowerment

Download the Data Collection Tool

Whether you’re conducting internal assessments or undergoing third-party evaluations, you can access the tool here.

We encourage all members to take advantage of this valuable tool to enhance your sustainability efforts and contribute to the continuous improvement of the rice production process.

For any inquiries or assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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