Release of SRP Authorized Training Manual Version 1.0

SRP is pleased to announce the release of the SRP Authorized Training Manual an important document in our continuous efforts to enhance the SRP Authorized Training Program. This manual serves as a comprehensive guideline for all stakeholders involved in SRP, including Authorized Training Providers, Authorized Trainers, In-house Trainers and auditors from Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs), and prospective Authorized Trainers.

Objective of the Manual

The objective of the SRP Authorized Training Manual is to address the institutional mix of stakeholders within the SRP community by establishing consensus on engagement principles. This ensures alignment and promotes collaboration among participating organizations and individuals. The manual provides guidelines to support stakeholder capacity building in partnership with training service providers.

The SRP Authorized Training Program is designed to build a cadre of experts qualified to conduct training, verification, and other activities in support of registered SRP projects, SRP members and other SRP stakeholders following the SRP Training System. The manual offers guidance for individuals interested in becoming SRP Authorized Trainers, In-house Trainers, and Auditors, as well as outlining the process and criteria for organizations seeking endorsement as SRP Authorized Training Providers.

For organizations seeking endorsement, the manual lays out clear criteria and processes to ensure consistency, coherence, and quality in implementing the SRP Authorized Training Program worldwide. These guidelines are crucial not only for maintaining quality but also for upholding good governance within the SRP framework.

Download the SRP Authorized Training Manual Version 1.0

Replacing Existing Guiding Documents

The SRP Authorized Training Manual consolidates the information from the following existing documents available on the SRP website and replaces them:

  • Criteria and Procedure for Authorizing Training Service Providers
  • The SRP Training System and Rules for SRP Authorized Trainers

Through the release of the SRP Authorized Training Manual, we are confident that by equipping our stakeholders with clear guidelines and standardized procedures, we can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our training initiatives, furthering our commitment to excellence in sustainable rice production.

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