CLOSED: SRP is hiring – Capacity Development Manager

SRP is looking for a highly motivated SRP Capacity Development Manager to undertake the following roles:

  1. Manage SRP’s external Authorized Training Programme and in-house training delivery (trainertraining and farmer training) to partners;
  2. Manage SRP support for establishment and operation of country-level National Chapters for SRP in key countries; and
  3. Support operation, management and revision of the SRP Assurance Scheme, SRP Standard and related tools.

The SRP Secretariat and staff are responsible for establishing and managing systems and processes to enable the SRP to operate effectively across all programs of work, and supports a membership base of over 100 institutional members across the stakeholder spectrum. Key programs relevant to this role are training, assurance and national chapter support.

Apply now!

Terms of Reference are available here: Interested candidates should submit a CV and covering letter 15 June 2023. The starting date for this role will be 1 July 2023

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