Live Webinar: Introducing SRP Assurance Scheme 2.0 – Key Changes


SRP has recently announced the upcoming launch of the SRP Assurance Scheme Version 2.0, set to take effect on 1 January 2024. The launch reflects SRP’s dedication to continuously enhance our tools to meet the dynamic needs of the global rice sector.

Key highlights of the SRP Assurance Scheme 2.0:

  • Streamlined process: We’ve simplified the verification process to make it more accessible for producers, Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) and value chain actors.
  • Robust data management: Our comprehensive data management system ensures robust data integrity and monitoring, reinforcing transparency and analytics.
  • New fee structure: The Assurance Scheme 2.0 includes adjustments to the fee structure, available on our webpage for your convenience.

Rewatch the webinar here.

The “Introducing SRP Assurance Scheme 2.0 – Key Changes” webinar will introduce stakeholders to the latest enhancements of the SRP Assurance Scheme 2.0. This session is a must for all SRP stakeholders, especially conformity assessment bodies (CABs).


  1. Introduction to SRP Assurance Scheme 2.0: Obtain a concise overview of the SRP Assurance Scheme 2.0 and the rationale behind the latest version.
  2. Key Changes and Updates: Gain insights into the significant modifications, improvements, and additions to the scheme.
  3. Interactive Q&A Session: Engage with the SRP team to clarify any queries and concerns you may have.

Who should attend?

  • SRP members from all stakeholder constituencies, especially Conformity Assessment Bodies, Authorized Training Providers, Supply Chain Actors
  • Other stakeholders interested in SRP and its activities

The webinar is open to the public. Please click the link below to register for the webinar. SRP may record the webinar for interested parties who are unable to attend live.

Why attend?

  • Get ready! Be ready to make full use  of the SRP Assurance Scheme to transform your rice value chain cost-effectively.
  • Enhance compliance: Learn what the changes will mean for conformity assessment processes and ensure seamless compliance.
  • Learn how to start: Understand the steps towards getting verified, use of the SRP-Verified on-pack label and the SRP Authorized Training Program.


  • Wyn Ellis, SRP Executive Director
  • Trusti Yuni Widiastuti, SRP Standard and Assurance Manager
  • Umer Maqsood, SRP Capacity Development Manager and MEL Adviser

Rewatch the webinar

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