Celebrating SRP Key Highlights 2023: Join SRP’s December Showcase

#ChooseSustainableRice: A Year of Impact and Progress

As we approach the festive month of December, we are excited to celebrate the collective achievements of our members, partners, projects and friends around the world.
Throughout 2023, we have embraced the slogan #ChooseSustainableRice, which aptly describes our efforts to accomplish several key objectives:

Boost awareness

We have dedicated ourselves to shining a light on the profound impacts of the rice sector on both people and the planet.

Advocate for change

Raising awareness about the crucial need for equity, sustainability, and stability in the rice sector.

Enhance our brand

We have worked on strategically positioning the SRP-Verified Label in the European market, amplifying our brand value and engagement.

Foster market commitment

Encouraging downstream actors to choose SRP-Verified rice and fostering its uptake in key markets.

Highlighting Achievements: Global Photo Contest and Netherlands Out-of-Home Campaign

For a glimpse into our impactful campaigns and activations throughout 2023, explore our Global Photo Contest, and Out of Home campaign in the Netherlands.

Join Us and Showcase Your Corporate Achievements

As we reflect on our progress over the past year, we invite you to join us in dedicating the month of December to help us showcase your own corporate accomplishments and impacts.

Join us for the following activities!

  1. Social Media Showcase: We will be publishing a series of social media posts across major platforms, highlighting our collective achievements.
  2. #ChooseSustainableRice Design: A unique design will be created for those SRP members, registered projects, partners, and friends interested to showcase their 2023 initiatives and impacts.

Your Participation Matters

Here is how you can get involved:

  • Express your interest: Complete this form with your company name, statement/quote about your main achievement in 2023 related to SRP, and organizational logo. The deadline for submission is 30 November 2023.
  • Engage in December: Those interested will receive a kit of image cards for your use on social media platforms. Print these images for participation in tradeshows, talks, conferences, market activations, and other awareness events.
  • Stay connected: Follow/tag us on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) (@srp_rice) and Instagram (@srp_rice). Repost, amplify and use the hashtags: #Choosesustainablerice #SRP

We Look Forward to Spotlighting You!

Join us as we shine a light on your outstanding contributions throughout December. Your dedication to sustainability deserves recognition, and together, we can amplify the positive impact of #ChooseSustainableRice.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to info[at]

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